The Vision: A Circular Economy

The only way we can save our planet is by shifting to a circular economy. The future is now and it needs to be circular.

What is the circular economy? Circular economy and in our context circular fashion aim to minimize waste and promote sustainability in the production and consumption of goods, including clothing.

In a circular economy, the traditional linear model of “take, make, dispose” is replaced with a closed-loop system. This means that products, materials, and resources are designed to be reused, refurbished, remanufactured, and recycled, rather than being discarded after use. The goal is to create a regenerative system that reduces environmental impact and promotes long-term sustainability.

Circular fashion specifically focuses on applying these principles to the fashion industry. This involves designing clothing with the intent of extending its lifecycle and minimizing its environmental footprint. Key practices in circular fashion include creating durable and timeless designs, and encouraging consumers to recycle or return old garments for reuse.

We are part of this circular economy shift and focus on a circular product design. We are committed to sustainable practices in the production and after life of our products.  We also want to help you to understand how to make  responsible buying decisions and contribute to a sustainable consumption pattern.

Circular Economy

Our Mission

Our Mission

We have made it our mission to change the fashion industry. We want to start with the hygiene market and then expand into the sports industry. 90% of hygiene products in the EU contain plastic that ends up in our groundwater, the sea or in landfills, where it would take several hundred years for it to biodegrade. Across the EU, 50 million single-use products are used every year, creating a huge amount of waste.

Cedenu supports a circular economy and offers plastic free, plant based and aesthetic underwear with a circular product design that is industrially compostable. Our products are based on natural fibers and dyeing processes. We are committed to work every day on only using as many resources as needed and to think about how we can take back and recycle consumed products. Together we can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and pollution, and protect natural resources and biodiversity. Also we can improve the quality our  life, health, and well-being of people and communities.

Furthermore, our mission is being transparent as possible about our production chain and ingredients. With that in mind, our community focuses on health topics, sustainable consumption in the fashion industry and raising awareness about plastic pollution.

We hope you join us in our journey to make underwear more circular and sustainable.

Why Circular Hygiene Underwear?

Plantbased EU production

All parts of our product stem are plant based. In addition, the production processes are done in Europe only. Together with our partners we aim to rule out fossil energy use in the production process in the next 7 years.​

Good for your body

Our natural fibres are not only soft and skin friendly, they are also nurturing, odour controlling and antibacterial. The most positive side effect – skin irritations and intimate infections can be reduced by leaving out synthetics, non breathable product parts.

Good for the environment - reusable

By using reusable hygienic underwear you are helping to save millions of Euros that is needed to clear sewage plants from disposable products as well as preventing making waste that does not biodegrade. With good care our underwear can last for several years.​

Industrial compostable after life

After usage many textiles land in the residual waste. This waste is mostly exported into developing countries on their landfills where it cannot biodegrade due to use of plastic. Our underwear is industrially compostable – 80% degrade within 30 days. The rest degrades within 2-3 months.