Hygiene Underwear

that suits your needs for every type of leakage, or every day use


to keep you save and make you feel comfortable,
everywhere - anytime

Product Design

that makes you wanna wear it, day and night, 24/7



Plantbased EU production

All parts of our product stem from plants such as algae, corn or wood. In addition our product processes are done in Europe only.  Together with our partners we aim to rule out fossil energy use in the production process in the next 7 years.

Good for your body

Our natural fibres are not only soft and skin friendly, they are also nurturing, odour controlling and antibacterial. The most positive side effect - skin irritations and intimate infections can be reduced by leaving out synthetics, non breathable product parts.

Good for the environment - reusable

By using reusable hygienic underwear you are helping to save millions of Euros that is needed to clear sewage plants from disposable products as well as preventing making waste that does not biodegrade. With good care our underwear can last for several years.

Industrial compostable after life

After usage many textiles land in the residual waste. This waste is mostly exported into developing countries on their landfills where it cannot biodegrade due to use of plastic. Our underwear is industrially compostable - 80% degrade within 30 days. The rest degrades within 2-3 months. 


1. Moisture regulation

The first layer of the gusset regulates the liquid and transports it quickly to the second layer. The fabric is skin friendly, odour inhibiting and anti bacterial. 

2. Absorption

The second layer is for absorption. It is capable to absorb a great deal of liquids and is additionally rich in antioxidants.


3. Moisture blocking

The third layer blocks all liquids. This is possible due to a biodegradable Polyurethane film leading to a reduced impact on the end-of-life of the product.

4. Outter body layer

The last layer is the body part that comprises most of the underwear. It provides a soft skin comfort, and is a lightweight fabric.



We have made it our mission to change the hygiene market: 90% of hygiene products in the EU contain plastic that ends up in our groundwater, the sea or in landfills, where it would take several hundred years for it to biodegrade. Across the EU, 50 million single-use products are used every year, creating a huge amount of waste. Cedenu offers aesthetic hygiene underwear with a circular design that is industrially compostable. Our products are based on natural fibers and dyeing processes.
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