Cedenu, Plastic Pollution

Stop plastic pollution. Now.​


The textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world behind the oil industry. The problems caused by the fast fashion industry are far-reaching. At the end of the product-lifecycle, it mostly goes back to the developing countries where it was produced. About 60% of material in clothes contain plastic, that cannot biodegrade on the landfills and thus goes into the soil and groundwater. It also pollutes the water during wash cycles by releasing microplastic. This plastic goes through animals back into the human food chain.

By using plastic further, we do not only harm the environment and animals, but rather ourselves. Every week we eat about a plastic card accounting for 5 gramm with our food. Plastic was also found in the breast milk of mothers. Plastic can lead to allergies, cancer, infertility and heart diseases.

Needless to say that the plastic usage needs to stop. Especially in the hygienic industry disposable products and reusable underwear contain plastic that can harm the body through it's chemicals.
That’s why we made plastic free, reusable and biodegradeable underwear for you, that can be used every day for leakage, bladder weakness or period. All that with a cirular product design that can be brought back into circulation.